Winter Holympics?

Every year, a bunch of friends get together for a day of sports, drinking and manly pursuits, affectionately called “HOlympics”.  It’s been an annual event for the last 3 years, after being born at a poker game one night when we were talking about getting together for a day of healthy competition (and related trash-talking).  The first year was fairly disorganized but a lot of fun, and it’s been getting better every year as we refine it.This summer, the events started with Par 3 at a local golf course, followed shortly by Mini-Golf and “Home Run Derby” (batting cages at the same facility as the mini-golf and Par 3).  This year, we added a new event – Go-Carts at a new track in Wilmington.  It was a blast – these aren’t your typical go-carts, but Indy-style carts that cruise at about 25-30 mph, and were a TON of fun.  After the ‘away games’ we all came back to Jim’s to take on the smaller-scope outdoor contests: horseshoes, Baggo, target shooting (with BBs), Around the World.  Past year’s events have included croquet, volleyball and wiffle home run derby, but we have been adjusting to get the best blend of time-consumption, beer consumption and competition.  Something about croquet that just didn’t cut it, you know? The competition then moves inside as we start ping pong, foosball, darts and finally a Texas Hold ‘Em tourney.

The winner of the competition takes home the HOlympics trophy (this year leaving the area for the first time), and gets a free night out to the local establishments (like we really need to drink MORE at that point).  I have pictures, and I’ll be putting them up (two months later) in the next couple of days…

HO, HO, HOlympics

Well, it appears that we might have a HOlympics Winter edition this year – at least that’s the though of our host, Jim.  No word on what the events might be, but he’s already in the planning stages for a winter version so that we won’t have to go a full year between drinking contests.  Tentative events that were revealed as possibilities include the indoor sports (ping pong, darts, foozball, poker), most likely go-carts again, and possibly beer pong.  More details to be released, as I get them.


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