Full-time again … and it’s wonderful.

I have been consulting with a company for a couple of months, and really like the job (mostly Information Architecture with a smattering of other work).  Well, I just got the job offer a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll be starting full time in July at GSI Commerce.  I’m psyched because they are a great company and they are working on some pretty cool projects.  The commute sucks (the dreaded Schuykill), but other than that, it’s a great job.

The money’s great – about a 37% increase over my salary when I left MBNA a year ago – so I’m happy about that, plus it’s nice to have benefits again.  Plus, having paid vacation will be nice – something I haven’t really had since I took the severance package.  Right now the office I’m in is in transition as they start to create an interactive agency for new projects, but it’s still pretty cool. Lots of good people with a LOT of talent around me.  Looking forward to being official in July.


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