True Bird Geeks Get Interviewed for NPR

I got an email yesterday from someone who wanted to know if I was interested in being interviewed for a program to be broadcast on NPR, and about letting some of my pictures be used for an article related to the show. Of course, I was somewhat excited about it, and said yet. I talked to Vanessa Bertozzi of RadioOpenSource last night, and gave her permission to use some of my pictures.

The article is part of a series they are doing on various ‘passions’ – hobbies and enthusiams that people have. In this case, it is a part of the segment Passions – Birding, about how birders go about their hobby and I assume how it is a growing activity. The part that I was involved with was a focus on Flickr, particularly the one group that I help administer Field Guide: Birds of the World. In the article which is posted, I get quoted and they used one of my pictures – I don’t know yet whether I’ll be involved in the broadcast itself.

Either way, it’s pretty cool to have someone to ask me about my birding, and have some of my pictures reach an audience outside of the Flickr community. I’ll be interested to hear the podcast (although I’ve heard some negatives already about the host).


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