Doggie Madness

Thanks to Van, who kindly invited me and the mutts over to go swimming in the lakes near his house. After a small introduction period that involved some pulling, barking and growling, the three golden retrievers seemed to get along pretty well. After a beer and a survey of the yard, we headed to the pond to let the dogs take a dip.

Problem – my dogs aren’t exactly Mark Spitz and Ian Thorpe with fur and fangs. Oakley seemed to get used to it after a bit and enjoyed the swimming part (although he seemed to enjoy the rolling around in the dirt afterward part more. Miles started strong, leaping after his tennis ball into the deep water. But I think that it startled him, and he wasn’t so keen on the water/swimming thing after that and had to rely on Yogi (Van’s huge golden) to retrieve the tennis ball for him.

Still, they seemed to enjoy it – as well as the baths they got later in their pool. I’ll have photos as soon as I have time to put them up. Thanks Van for having all of us over – it was great to finally meet your family.

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