Recent Projects

Well, I have finished a spate of recent freelance jobs – it’s been great because I have been able to keep busy but stay on a flexible enough schedule to pick up and go with my wife to wherever we want/need to go (mostly birding, but also lunch, do work outside, etc.).


I worked on Mystique’s latest incarnation. It’s getting better every day, including the new newsletter functionality.

Mystique Homepage Spring 2005

I also completed the logo design and website for Kipke & Rose, P.A.. I really like how the logo turned out, and the site isn’t bad although I was somewhat restricted by the clients style concerns.

Lastly, I am in the middle of a new set of designs for a local marketing firm. I was struggling with ‘designer’s block’ for a while, but I ended up with 3 designs that I really like. Hopefully, they will too.

But with my new job, I’m going to have less freelance time so this might be it for the next little while (well, these and the 101 ‘small’ projects I’ve got half-finished).


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