Well, it’s official – I’m going to be leaving my current position and running into the world of the unknown. Unlike others who are becoming professional bloggers or opening up their own companies, I’m still going to be working for ‘the Man’ – although a different one that I was. Still no idea who yet, although I have some leads. But it’s freeing to finally move back to something that I enjoy, the design and development. For too long I have been doing a ton of projects that weren’t in any single direction, but instead covered a breadth of topics. I enjoyed it and it gave me a new range of skills, but I wasn’t developing further in anything. Now I can.

I have also gotten a bunch of new freelance stuff to work on. One is another iteration of Mystique, as well as developing a law site for a family friend. Two different types of projects. I am also doing a whole new web presence for a client who is a little more difficult to work with – communication is sparse, and I can’t get some crucial answers. It could be a great project if it works out, but I’m losing faith quickly.

Well, off into the unknown I go..


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