Where Have I Been?

Where have I been, one might ask (if one really cared, which I am almost assure one does not, unless one is someone involved with poker, pharmaceuticals or porn)? Well, the fact is, I have been very busy both at work and home. The tally of projects occupying my time lately:

  • Work
    Lots of stuff happening at the job that have both made it more interesting, more scary and more stressful. There’s a severance package going around, and I’m not sure who will be left once it has run its course – but its definite the the general environment will be greatly altered. I know some of the people I work with closely will be moving on, but I’m not sure what that will leave – not to mention how much more work will be there for me. Lots o’ fun, lots o’ fun…
  • Office Rebuild
    We finally got it most of the way done. I hope to take some pictures once I finish cleaning up the mess I made.
  • eBay auctions
    Star Wars books, old CD collections, picture frames – it’s all up there. But I forgot how long it took to put it all up there.
  • The dogs
    Man, these dogs like to wear us out – they are on for 23 hours a day, and that one hour is usually when we aren’t there. But they are getting better every day as they learn our routine, and we learn theirs. Now, if we can just get them to stop trying to dig their way to the mantle of the Earth.
  • Weather
    The weather has been giving us a little of a beating lately, too.

Latest Images

I haven’t had the chance to take many, but here are a few shots…


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