Honey, I’ve Got a Little Project For Us

Men – if you ever hear those words, know that Hell is a much better place to hide.

My wife has been struggling down in our basement office lately – lots of headaches, sinus trouble, etc. And we found the culprit – a set of older bankers boxes had gotten wet and had a bunch of mold in them. We cleaned them out, but she decided that a wholescale ‘reinvention’ of the office was in order. Now, don’t get me wrong – if it will stop the headaches and make our office a better place, I’m all for it. However, the 8am – 10 pm schedules over the weekend were killer. I spent more time at Home Depot than I did in bed, I know my local lumber rep better than my neighbors and I think I’m going to get invited to the company picnic at DuPont after all of the countertop that I purchased.

The new design – I think we’re on version 4.3 now – involved a lot more construction than we had time this weekend. Lots of power tools, lots of new toys (I particularly love the Black and Decker Laser Level, but hated the Black and Decker Sonic Measuring Tape), and a lot of back aches this morning, not to mention sinuses from all of the dust.

It might be Valentine’s Day today, but I’ll be spending it attaching more countertops instead of eating bon-bons over a swanky, pre-prepped dinner. I mean, I’m not exactly enthused by the V.D. dinner (they tend to be over-priced and underperforming), but I would run out to do it instead of another day of drills, planers, saws and paint.

Have I mentioned she’s already got plans for our ‘next little project’?

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