Weekend Photography

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to take some time to do some photography. And I actually managed to get a few good shots.

I'm a little chickadee... It's mine ... all mine Downy Woodpecker on a Log Feeder #3 Junco #3 Hey, where did all of the birdies go? Checkin' the menu

I’ve been meaning to put my birding list online, but haven’t had the chance. One of the ideas that I had (and my wife wants to do as well) is try to have pictures of as many of the species that we have seen as we can. Obviously, getting photos of some of the Fijian birds is probably impossible if we haven’t already gotten them, but we CAN get the local varieties. Look for it soon.

In the meantime, I had a very social chickadee posing for his picture. I got about a half-dozen shots of him, but this was the best one, despite the branch in the way. Similarly, the juncos are back for the winter. Our yard was crawling with them, so I had a lot of shots of them, looking for the perfect ones. This was the best, although I had a couple great shots of them. Our Carolina wren has been coming daily, and while not exactly posing for pictures, he doesn’t seem to mind them, either. I got another good shot of him looking up longingly at that corn log, and a pretty good shot of him on our outdoor furniture (both can be seen on my Flickr account).

I had a great Downy woodpecker shot at the end of last year, but really wanted one on the log feeder we have – and I got four decent ones (this was the best). But the highlight of the weekend was the shot of the Cooper’s Hawk that I got within 15′ of. Unfortunately, I was using my wife’s D70, and fumbling with the controls and only got 4 opportunities for pictures. 2 sucked, 1 was further away and this one was slightly blurry. But still not a bad shot, in my opinion. And the squirrel. Well, just thought it was a funny picture.

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