999 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

When we went out with my friend Chris last weekend, he mentioned a great prospect to me – the fact that he wants to open a pub in Virginia. I’m not ready to give up my day job, but that sounds like a great opportunity. We have both worked at bars before, and I loved doing so even though I know how difficult it can be to manage them. Still, the idea of opening up a British-style pub with a good beer selection, good music and good food in a college town is hard to pass up. Most likely, I’ll end up as a consultant in this, helping him out where I can, but it is a tempting offer to get involved on the ground floor.

We did agree on this – it would NOT be the chic place to be, but would HAVE to have good food, good music and good beer (but not necessarily in that order). Our minds were on the same page – jalapeno burgers like we used to get at the West End Tavern, good blues and jazz music on the stereo or live (preferably), and a good selection of beers without being ridiculous. It’s where I would like to hang out, and there is that bit of nostalgia that remembers all of the good times I had bartending … although it’s way past time for me to be doing that now…


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