A Designer’s Bookshelf

Greg Storey has answered the question that I myself have had for a long while – what are the books that designers use to help them and hone their craft? Greg’s list of his bookshelf has a lot of the more common tomes (Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards, Van Duyne’s Design of Sites) as well as some more uncommon but very sensible ones (Advertising Campaign Planning by Jim Avery made me think a bit). I know that others are out there with their own lists (I seem to remember Dave Shea putting out a list at one point), but it’s always interesting to see other designers that I admire (read: study, mimic, learn from) giving me some insights into where they get their smarts.

My own list (so far):

I’ve learned a lot, but there is so much more to learn – Greg’s list shows me that much. Oh well, onto the Amazon wish list they go… Feel free to add to my list of books I need to pick up to really get a hang of this CSS, PHP, XML design thing…


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