Recent Work

Since I haven’t really had a site (personal, at least) for the last year or so, many of you probably haven’t caught up on what I have been doing. I redesigned blueline concepts site (for the 3rd time in 2 years), and it’s finally done (although I’ll keep tweaking it as necessary. If you know anyone who wants some work done, let me know.I also finished designing a site for Mystique, a boutique in Wilmington, DE. It was a great experience – and my first site done completely in CSS (well, at least since the site I was designing for Brian Preston before he got another offer for a great opportunity and withdrew from the race). I think it turned out pretty well – hopefully, I’ll be working on the Fall version very soon. I’m currently working on Shari’s new site, as
well as a new beach site for the rental property in N. Topsail – and finishing up to make it a fully functional site again (complete with my writing, etc.). Feel free to send me a note – I’d like to hear from you all.


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