First Post A.D.

Janus I, Year I A.D.

Well, it’s the dawn of a whole new millenium, the age of Aquarius, blah blah blah. It doesn’t feel any different, although there seem to be a lot of zealots running around here. Not sure what the hubbub is, but I think it has to do with that guy I met the other day from Nazareth. Nice guy, but a little bit of a downer. Said something about he’s going to die for my shins. Seems an odd choice, but with the Romans, who knows.

Anyhoo, these zealots are crying and praising the lord. The only lord I know is Lord Cestus, and he’s a prick. Him and those goats … not that I’m supposed to mention that to anyone. Darn Romans. But I keep seeing those followers running around proclaiming a new religion being borne. I don’t know which god they’re talking about, but I have an idea that these folks are going to create a heap of trouble…


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