A bit of creativity

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get creative about anything, but we recently had a contest at work to replace the boring “Day of Move” nameplates we had at our desks. I know it isn’t the Mona Lisa, but it was fun to think about how to represent myself.

Others had some nice ideas – one of our tech guys did what looked like a system output (matrix font, syscode look and feel) but added his Facebook ID, softball batting average and other fun stuff. Our designers of course came up with some great designs, but a lot of people got into the act.

Me? Well, I went overboard of course and did FOUR different designs. I had 2 or 3 others I thought of but didn’t have the time to actually put together. Below are my four – the first is just an update of my previous one, updated to include my new position and the required ‘location number’. So, what do you think?

Mosaic Name Card

Wren Namecard

Gummi Namecard

Namecard Wireframe


3 Responses to “A bit of creativity

  • the gummis are my fave. if you handed me this card at a conference and i didn’t know you, i would absolutely remember the gummi bear card guy

  • I think I like the second one best, the stylized bird is very cool. Nice job all around, though.

  • Thanks – I was just thankful to have a chance to play for a bit. No word yet on the ‘winners’.

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