Flickr Mashups – So right, and yet so wrong

An interesting article today about Flickr, which is described as the ultimate in API madness – an open architecture that has created a multitude of toys. In Ten Best Flickr Mashups the author Michael Calore speaks about his favorite programming mashes using the Flickr API. Some I hadn’t heard of fastr, some I had and enjoy (Retrievr). But I couldn’t believe that the article made no real mention of Flagrant Disregard’s Flickr Toys, a page chock full of Flickr goodness.

Okay, so maybe I’m partial to it, but I think that the ideas and implementations that FD has come up with are fantastic – and I’m far from the only one to think so. His creations have become known far and wide and are used quite frequently throughout the Flickr world. How many mosaics have found there way to Flickr using his easy-to-use and fun php program? The Framer program has created some groups of its own, such as Bird Stamps, as has Badge Maker. And one of his newest creations, Scout has made a bunch of “interestingness” junkies of the lot of us as we use this tool to quickly see how our shots have fared in Flickr’s agonizingly undecipherable Interestingness scale.

I liked the article, but having missed this entire page of fun tools is like mentioning the best baseball parks and skipping Wrigley, the best Paris attractions and leaving out the Louvre. I just find it hard to believe that more recognition was not given to FD and his marvelous toys.

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