Go Eagles … But Please Stop that Darn Fight Song

Anyone that knows me knows one of my dark secrets – I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. To those who are surprised at this, it comes from meeting Randy White before the 1977 season. He lived down the road, and a bunch of friends and I were taken down to meet him. He was a great guy, and I followed him all season – a season that ended with the Cowboys beating the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII, and White being named Super Bowl co-MVP. My fate was sealed.

When I moved to Boulder, CO, I started following the Broncos (ironic, huh?). I actually liked John Elway – hard not to with his work ethic and history – and the team got my attention, partially because I was covering them for a local college newspaper. I still preferred my Cowboys – even venturing to the South Stands at old Mile High wearing Cowboys regalia – but enjoyed watching an AFC team, too.

When I moved back to the Philly area, I started watching more Eagles football. Part of it was immersion – if I wanted to hang out with my friends on football Sunday, it was going to be the Eagles – and part of it was that I was enjoying the way that team was being run (as opposed to the despicable way that Jerry Jones was running the Cowboys). I wouldn’t say that I am a huge fan, but I have been rooting for the Eagles for the last 4 years, and I was glad to see them win yesterday. And yes, I will be rooting them on in the Super Bowl.

Strangely, I’m a Philly fan first-and-foremost in every other sport. I die with the repeated Phillies ridiculous moves, cringe at how bad the Sixers are managed and bang my head against the wall every time Bobby Clarke pulls his stunts with the Flyers. So, my departure with the NFL is a bit odd, but set in motion far before I had a choice. So to those who ridicule me on a regular basis for being a Cowboys fan, take me or leave me as I am. But please, stop singing that stupid “Fly, Eagles, Fly” song. It’s really bad, and your voice sucks.

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