I’m Getting Old

Well, it’s official – I’m 34 (as of yesterday). But I actually had a good day, despite the whole aging process (which is great for cheese and beer, not so good for knees and eyes). My wife surprised me with a new 70-300 telephoto zoom lens (to replace the one I broke in August) and a set of filters (UV, polarizing and rotating polarizing (I think) to start the day. Very nice. Then I decided to play hooky for the second half of the day, starting with a nice sushi lunch at Mikimoto’s and then off to home to play with Oakley and do some stuff around the house. The night continued with a small but nice birthday dinner of Tuna Steaks with Thai Peanut Dressing, which was one step past awesome, and a Chocolate Boston Creme Whipped Cream Pie from McMillin’s Bakery. And it ended with a book of mental puzzles from my son – he waited until the last minute to give it to me, on purpose). All in all, a fantastic way to spend the day.

Of course, that was yesterday, and as is common around here, the question is “What have you done for me lately?”

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