Monday, Monday

Today should be a good day. For the first time in a week, I’m feeling like my old self, which aside from being tired means that I should be productive again. Those studies about lost work when sick workers come in anyway – all true. I still got essential stuff done, but I know that I wasn’t 100% while doing it. My new PC shows up today, as well. I got the old one working enough that I can most likely get the data off of it that I need, but it will still be a pain to load up all of the software and other stuff that I have accumulated over the last couple of years. I managed to get everything backed up to CD-R, which will help, and starting off with a clean system will be nice since I now know how much of the junk I had I actually need. Still, my wife has already said good night to me because she knows I’ll be tied up in the office all night… good woman.

In design news, the revamping of the Mystique site is 99% done. It took a while to get everything that I needed from him, but it looks good. Not too many changes – just some image tweaks and a couple of new pages. I finally found a mailing list that I think will work – just a matter of finishing the configuration and playing with the stylesheet to make it match. It’s nice getting another project done – and I already have one for later this month that I will be working on.

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