I am NOT a Rounder

Well, I played my first poker tourney in almost a year yesterday and … well, let’s just say that I’m not going be known as Marty “Aces” DeAngelo anytime in the near future. I actually did okay in terms of finishing – 21st out of 42 – but never really had a chance to get into a groove. I had some pretty miserable cards — in over 60 hands, I only had 4 pairs, none of which were better than a pair of 7s. My non-paired cards were almost always mixed high/low cards (K-5, Q-3, J-6 and the like), and almost never suited. It’s hard to play that way unless you are a better bluffer than I am. And bluffing isn’t a great option when you have guys at the table who are betting on nearly every hand – something you can do when you are deal FOUR A-A hole card pairs in the same span as I was there.

Still, it was 3 hours of poker and I had a good time. I’m not sure who won yet (other than NOT ME), but it was good to see some old friends and to play some poker again. I really need to get back to doing our monthly game because I miss the shit-talking, crude-joke-making, beer-swilling guy bonding that we do there. And heck, I even win some money on occasion.

In the meantime, back to iPhone Hold ‘Em to get my style into whack.


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  • it wasn’t last place! I have never been that good at cards but do enjoy playing!

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