Links Bonanza!

I haven’t gotten around to writing anything (or at least finishing it enough to post), but I have managed to amass quite a few links over the last … well, few months. So block off an huor or so, and have at ’em!




Science and Nature


These are… Just ODD


4 Responses to “Links Bonanza!

  • Stunning links! Will have to check a few of these links out!

  • Love that Hello Kitty Darth Vader

  • The “25 Photographs Taken at Exactly the Right Time” were awesome, even if some of them were fakes. I’ve seen the Photosynth demo before and that sure is amazing stuff.

    I’m glad you found the “Sunny 16” and “Ultimate Exposure Computer” useful.

    And that WordPress Plugin Installer is going to save me lots of time if it works as advertised!

    Thanks for these great links.

  • Yeah, I thought those photographs were pretty cool.

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