There’s never enough time

Lately, I’ve felt under the gun almost constantly, which is weird because while some of the stuff I’m doing is really important, most of it is stuff that I WANT to do, but can’t seem to get time to accomplish. On my to do list are:

  1. Finish up the site for the client I am working with*
  2. Get caught up with work*
  3. Get side projects (aka non-billable but important) done at work*
  4. FInish the updates to my blog
  5. Finish the updates to my personal site (since I get more 400 errors than real hits right now)
  6. Get my wife’s work site back up*
  7. Update my parent’s beachhouse site
  8. Finish Desinging Interactions by Bill Moggridge and write my ‘book report’
  9. Get caught up with the over 1,800 pictures I still have from last year that I never processed (sounds silly, but there are some pictures that I know I wanted to work on but got lost in the shuffle of newer shots)
  10. Do a bunch of creative stuff (pictures, photoshop work, t-shirt ideas, sites, etc.
  11. Teach myself to use AJAX and XML*
  12. Go see my grandparents*
  13. Go see my parents*
  14. Call my sister
  15. Respond to about 15 emails
  16. Check in on my grandfather, who just got out of the hospital
  17. Install another section of fence in the yard, and clean up the yard for some friends’ visit next weekend

* The really important stuff

It seems like I just can’t get caught up. I might have to take a personal day next week just to get my act together…. In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be playing with CSS, wallowing in WordPress pages and diving deep into information architecture documents, wireframes, usability reviews and meetings. So, if you’re so inclined, feel free to send me cookies to help keep my energy up (or failing that, a 6-pack of Jolt).

Just something to freak you out.

Jelly Bean

I’m not sure what kind of little fruit fly this is, but I thought that the macro of it turned out pretty well. I’ll try to look it up later on

I really love this macro lens my wife has – such sharpness and clarity, even if it’s tough to use (a movement of 2mm means the difference between in focus and out of focus. But it really makes you look at the little things you normally miss and/or ignore.

See Jelly Bean on Flickr


4 Responses to “There’s never enough time

  • For number 11, I definitely recommend the W3Schools tutorial for AJAX and XML.

  • As long as your wife barrows your VR 80-400 lens, I think it is just as fair that you can barrow this macro from time to time!

  • That lens is absolutely incredible. What kind of lens is it?

    I still think my proposal to extend the length of a day to 36 hours (but still with an 8-hour workday) is a great one, but I haven’t seen any action on that front yet.

  • Yikes. That’s quite a list. Hope you spent this weekend doing none of it, except being creative and being with your family. 🙂

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