Another Sign of the Apocalypse

Good God, people – get a frickin’ life. I am so sick of entertainment news – especially inconsequential entertainment news – being reported as though it should matter. Since when was a pseudo-celebrity like Anna Nicole Smith worth the gargantuan amount of coverage she’s been getting? It’s been bad enough with Britney Spears anti-panty escapades being ‘breaking news’ and the incessant coverage of every stupid thing that Paris Hilton does; now, are we going to have to endure a week of BimboNews because she died?

Yes, it’s sad that she passed and she did not have an easy life. She wasn’t blessed with brains, a silver spoon or particularly good luck, but let’s not try to make her out as this tragic heroine caught in the maelstrom of misfortune and hardships. She was a Playboy Bunny who won Playmate of the Year – not a bad payday. She was a model. She had a TV show. She married a millionaire, and while she might not have had his money after he died, she was living in the lap of luxury for quite a while before that. And don’t forget – these self-same news services were the ones mocking her only a year or so ago when she was fighting to get her piece of her ex-husband’s pie and running that completely idiotic show.

But now … ‘it’s such a sad, sad shame’. Yes, it was tragic that her son died a month ago. And this could be a tragic accident or suicide. It’s sad – yes. I won’t argue that. It might even be news.

But it’s NOT a frickin’ BREAKING NEWS headline for the next 6 days. Okay – let it go, and focus on something that is a little more newsworthy.

//end rant


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  • I agree completely, I have very little interest in “entertainment news.” I just don’t care about celebrities. I don’t care who’s dating whom, or who divorced whom, or who’s having whose baby. Someone dies? Fine, let me know and move on.

    Seriously, is anyone even surprised by this? You really can’t live a lifestyle like hers without expecting things like this to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but it seems like an inevitability to me.

  • Have you ever had jury duty? It’s an eye-opening ritual that will teach you what “your peers” are all about….it also explains voting results, and the popularity of things like pop music, fortune teller 900 numbers, and various crappery.

  • I will never understand people’s fascination with celebrities. And I will never understand how one of them getting arrested for DUI (I’m shocked, shocked) or even dying for that matter. warrants a breaking news alert from CNN. If something or someone blows up, if the president is shot, yes, I want to know so I don’t have to wonder why everyone at work looks so teary-eyed. But I don’t urgently need to know that charges were dropped in a shoplifting case …

  • To all, you know – I can see if a major long-term celebrity dies, it gets a note. But more of a:

    “And we’re sorry to report that Bob Jones, director of 147 award-winning children’s films on volcanic geology passed away today of cancer in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. His contributions to the field of neonatal volcanology are widely-held as among the most influential in the 5-8-year-old age group. He was 99 years old.

    And today in sports…”

    But not the drivel they put on these days.

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