6 Weird Things about Meme

Silly Van, sending me these silly things when he should know that they can only scare the childrens… especially since like me, I can’t think of six to narrow it down to. But here goes…

  1. I have a nearly edetic memory about phone numbers that I’ve called more than twice. Over … well a long time since high school, I can still remember the phone numbers of most of my friends and girlfriends that lasted over a week. I even remembered a number of a buddy that I had called only once six years later – he was freaked.
  2. Licorice, fennel, anise … anything that smells like black licorice will make me puke. It’s a bad memory from when I was a little kid getting 2-3 migraines a week, and needing Paragoric to get sick (it was the only way to make the migraines subside).
  3. I’m a Cowboys fan in a Philadelphia Eagles stronghold. But I grew up down the road from Randy White, a Hall of Famer, when I was a kid. We met him before the 1977 season, and I followed the Cowboys throughout the year and their Super Bowl win over the Broncos – in which Randy was the co-MVP. It sealed my fate.
  4. I have a nearly inexhaustible appetite for trivia, and retain the oddest facts. My wife discovered the rule for me remembering these trivial items – if it has absolutely no real bearing in my life, I’ll remember it forever.. However, I can’t seem to remember to turn off the lights 15 seconds after being asked to. Go figure.
  5. I’ve broken every finger on my right hand, and every toe on my right foot. I was not in a car accident, and I don’t play street hockey with a concrete ball. I’m a klutz … and well, that wall deserved it.
  6. If I think of a food item that I want, nothing short of dedicated unconsciousness will stop it short of actually getting it. I’ve been known to keep a craving for Vietnamese for a week, Chicken Satay for a fortnight and Hooter’s wings for months at a time. It drives my wife nuts – but at least she gives in now, because it’s just easier that way.

I have no clue who I’m going to tag for this, because to be honest most of the bloggers I know will ignore it. Hmmm… how about Shep, Bill, Dave, and Shari?


3 Responses to “6 Weird Things about Meme

  • Let’s get together for the Eagles-Cowboys game, I’ll bring the licorice.

  • That’s just low, man. Particularly on Christmas.

  • I don’t usually remember phone numbers in that way, but when my mom was taking me to college my freshman year, our minivan broke down and I remembered the phone number of our former next door neighbors, who lived in the area. We hadn’t lived near them for 6-7 years, and I never had any reason to call them, since they lived next door. I still have no idea why I remembered their phone number — but I know it to this day.

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