AffordableHost … A plague of locusts and lawyers upon you

I haven’t had much time to write, but I’m so incensed over the complete idiocy of this company that I had to spout.

Originally, the problems began when my site went down more and more often over a 2 week period, but culminated with a 10-day outtage.  10 days, NO site, which sucked because I needed to use it as portfolio.  Then came the better news – our bad, but we probably lost ALL of your data.

Technical problems happen, I understand that, but they’re responses became more and more formulaic, little information was forthcoming, promises of uptime weren’t kept and support tickets were given “Check the status page to see new information” – which led to a page with the same information from a few days ago.

I had finally had enough when I asked for a refund of that month’s charges because they had fallen below 40% uptime – which they wouldn’t give me.  They would give me 2 months credit – which was useless since I was dropping them after the repeated outtages and increasingly horrible customer service.  I cancelled the service on May 12th.

Lo and behold, I got charged on June 17 for another month.  Not so fast, I said – I cancelled, so you need to refund those charges.  They told me that they couldn’t (bullshit), so I cancelled again, and had the charges reversed by the credit card company.

Fast forward to today, and I get 2 emails – one telling me that my invoice has been generated, and a second telling me that it has been PAID.  Yes folks, 2 months after I last cancelled, and 3 months after I first cancelled.  It was like being with AOL but without any of the few benefits they offer.  Not only that, I see that they decided to renew my contract at $70+.  Must be nice to just decide to charge arbitrarily.

I have the confirmations of my cancellation.  I have emails from billing saying as much.  But they just can’t get their act together – and when I went to check my account and make sure I removed a credit card, I found that I can’t remove my credit card from their system.  There’s no way to do it.  So, they got this nasty note instead:

I already touched on this on a previous email, but now I’m VERY angry.
I cancelled this account in MAY, and then again in JULY, and yet I am STILL BEING billed.  If you could please pull your heads out of your asses just long enough, you need to refund:

  • My July payment ($6.95)
  • My August payment ($6.95)
  • An annual charge ($71.40)

IMMEDIATELY.  If this sitation is not fixed by EOB 8/17, I’ll be reporting you as a fraudulent biller to my credit card company, have the charges reversed, and report you to the Attorney General of my state.
I’m not really confident about it, but hopefully this THIRD cancellation request might make an impact with you.  And you wonder why you are losing so many clients?

I wonder if they’ll get the message THIS time.


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