Ousting Donny = Economic Ruin

You know, I’m not a big fan of ol’ Donny Rumsfeld, but I think asking the guy to retire could be bad for the American economy. I mean, come on, if he steps down do you know the millions of dollars that will have to be spent by all of these companies like Halliburton to bribe the new guy?

And what do these retired generals really know anyway? Seriously, they only have about 100+ years of actual military experience between them, so can they really have a clue about what should be going on over in Iraq – the War Experience®, brought to you by Exxon-Mobil? Seems hard to believe that they would be able to better understand from their own feet-on-the-ground experiences what would be necessary when our infallible intelligence community has had all of the answers since the beginning.

And, of course, our liberal media is putting their own spin on it. Six generals, out of how many yes-sir generals currently operating under the “Our line or the firing line” agenda of this administration and we’re supposed to think that THEY have the answers. That’s like thinking that just because our President can’t speak his way out of a wet, rotten paperbag, he isn’t a lackey to the industrial powers of our country.

Just sayin’.


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