Hectic. Random. Chaos.

Such is life at times. I’ve got too many things I’m trying to do and not nearly enough time to do them all – even with help from trusted friends. I’m still exhausted, but I think working out is going to be helping that – it feels good to exercise again … not to mention I’ll finally have a chance to get through all of those books/magazines that have been stacking up in the meantime (reading while working out used to be my number one time to read).

One of my projects at work has been really trying me – I’m a JavaScript newbie, and this script should be fairly easy but it’s driving me up a wall. Van did much of the grunt work giving me the basic script but my ineptitude at adapting it has been a hair-pulling experience. But we finally got it – and I was even able to make changes when I got them back from the client a few days ago. It’s not a bad site, overall – just took more time than I wanted/had to spend.

The house from Hell is coming together nicely now – although we are considering getting out of the rental business. After this debacle, I just don’t like the idea of being 75 minutes from the place, where I can’t keep an eye on it or have to spend lots of time to go down and fix little things. And with the market the way that it is in Newark, it might be better to sell and look for a fixer-upper closer to home.

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