Exhaustion and Other Fun Activities

‘Tis been a long week, and it seems that it is going to be a LONG month. I put in a bunch of extra hours last week to make up for my vacation plus the added expenses of The House from Hell, and then thought I would have a little time to relax this weekend. I expected a short visit to The House to clean up some stuff, do a little more surveying, etc. Instead, it ended up being a 8.5 hour trek to go there, see even more things wrong with the place and spent 4+ hours at Home Depot. Yes, I spent almost the entire Penn State football game plus time for another half in Home Depot. While there we purchased appliances, carpet, vinyl flooring, doors, blinds and a hundred other things that we need to fix The House. Then Sunday was spent cleaning OUR house (the site of The House made us more inclined to make our own spotless) and doing work. Total birding time = 0. Total relaxation time = 1 hour.

For the rest of the month, I’ll be working to finish 3 projects at work, running down to Newark to meet contractors, rip out carpeting (filled with fleas, I’m sure), clean up even more trash that the Tenants from Hell left behind, prepping surfaces for carpeting, tile or paint, installing new appliances, crying a little, running outside for air, and sleeping every once in a while. Should be fun … I’m sure you’ll all be envious.

In the meantime, here’s a picture that I took recently that is a hell of a lot better to enjoy than my bitching and moaning…

Variegated Fritillary

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