How long does it take to fill up an iPod?

Well, in my case, about 2.5 months – and I’m not even partway through my CD collection. It seems that I hit the limit last night, although I’m not sure why. I was adding the last of the MP3 from my system and hit the 20.1GB level on iTunes. Hmmm, that might be a problem with a 20.0GB iPod. So, I started looking at what I had. After removing a few duplicates, bad tracks or stuff that I really didn’t want, I was still at 19.9GB. So, I removed entire sections of music that I’ll keep on MP3 but not necessarily store on the iPod – I’ll never really listen to it there.

So, I got my iTunes list down to 18.8GB – cool, now let’s synchronize. And behold, I get a message that I can’t upload all of the songs because the iPod is full. What? How does 18.8GB on iTunes = <20GB on the iPod? I’m not sure, but until I deleted the 1.1GB of Depeche Mode tunes (Depeche Mode Singles Box set is a biggun’), it wouldn’t load.

Strange thing is, now my iPod is showing 8.8GB of free space (and 3715 songs). What gives? Obviously, I’m missing something that is on iTunes, but I’m not sure what yet. But the bigger problem is this:

what the heck is on the iPod that requires 1.1GB of space? Obviously since my ceiling of transfer was less than 18.8GB, there is something going on. Okay, I could maybe understand a quarter-gig of space for programs (although I think that’s still excessive), but 1.1GB? What gives?

Also, if anyone knows the answer to this, I’d appreciate it – when I have my iTunes set to auto-sync, does it remove songs from the iPod that I removed from iTunes? I thought that it did, but it was my one thought of what might be happening – that I might have a couple extra songs on the iPod that weren’t showing up on iTunes. Also, how does one clear the iPod completely to start fresh with what you have on iTunes currently?

Now, I just have to figure out just how I have 8.8GB of free space on the iPod after syncing it last night…

in other news…

I just discovered a cool new tool for Flickr – the Flickr Zeitgeist. It’s a small JavaScript that allows you to put a zeitgeist of your pictures (or those of your contacts, the newest on Flickr or a combination) on your site in a compact little box. Check out the upper right-hand corner for mine.

Funny Fact of the Day
“When he was the prinicpal owner of the Texas Rangers, George W. Bush briefly flirted with the idea of changing the team’s name to The Texas Alamos, until an assistant told him that Texas lost the Battle of the Alamo.” – from


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