The 12 Beers of Xmas

Each Christmas, I get it into my head that I should stock up on beer. My relatives are finally getting into the game since they have realized that I am a true beer snob. My grandmother got me Chimay for my birthday, for chrissakes. Lately, though, my habit has resulted in some very nice purchases.

In October, it was my hunt for Pumpkin beers. I was really looking for Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale, but couldn’t find it and had to settle for Post Road Pumpkin Ale (made by Brooklyn Brewery) and Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale (made by the dreaded Coors). Then I finally found the Dogfish Head and was happy. But with the Xmas season approaching, that meant holiday beers – or at least holiday gift packs. I picked a “Traditional Beers of Scotland” four-pack that looks interesting – beers made with heather, gooseberry, kelp and other exotic ingredients (it seems there was a law banning the use of hops in beers brewed in Scotland, so they found other substitutes).

But I also managed to pick up the Saranac Holiday Twelve-Pack, something that I discovered last year to my eternal gratitude. Although I got somewhat chinced by the fact that they left out my Season’s Best in place of two Roggen Bock’s I have to say that I really have enjoyed the half-case. You can read my reviews of their beers here:

In the end, I have a lot of beers to get through, and at least one question about a “Beer of the Month” club. So, I will hopefully have a lot more to enjoy in the near future. Of course, that means I’m going to have work harder to keep off the weight – but it’s worth it … right?


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