CSS Editors for Windows

It seems that most of my favorite blogs are done by people based on Macs. I would have LOVED to switch when I got a new computer, but I couldn’t afford the software changes even if I wanted to spend 2-3x as much for the computer itself. Someday, but I’m far away from that step. But in the meantime, I get to hear about all of these sweet programs for the Mac by the likes of Jon Hicks, but have a hard time figuring out a great one for the PC.

I use Dreamweaver MX for most of my core design, although I use StyleMaster 3.5 for a lot of the basic CSS (the wizards are good time-savers, even if I have go in and fix them). A lot of the designers I know swear by Homesite 5, although I can’t seem to find it anymore – Macromedia seems to have stopped production of it. Others swear by TopStyle, although I made the choice earlier to opt for StyleMaster 3.5. However, after beta testing StyleMaster 4.0, I’m thinking that I might need alternatives unless they manage to work out all of the bugs before release.

Supposedly Dreamweaver MX 2004 has Homesite +, which is an upgraded version of Homesite 5.5, but I think having a bare-bones editor (without the processor lag of DW) would be nice option. But are there other options out there that I don’t know of?


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