I’m in shock. I’ve thought of a dozen headlines for this post, and not one of them seems to fit completely. “What the f#$k were they thinking?”, “There Goes the Nation” and “Soon to be martytdx.ca” all came to mind but I didn’t do it. I’m in shock. Sure, I thought that something like this could happen, but I thought – I had hoped – that there would be enough thinking people out there that it wouldn’t.

I don’t know who to be angry at more – there are so many choices:

  1. The Uninformed – It was clearly an uninformed majority out there voting – and if there are any conservatives who happen to read this and disagree, stuff it. It’s been shown that there are plenty of Bush voters who still think that Saddam Hussein attacked us with WMD on 9/11. The stats don’t lie.
  2. The Party Voters – the fact that there was no movement between the so-called “red states” and “blue states” amazes me, and tells me that there are just too many people out there who are herd
    animals. And like most herd animals, they have been led to the slaughter. That goes for both parties, by the way.
  3. The schysters – you know who you are. Okay, so you didn’t manage to throw this election, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. Sham lawsuits, illegal disposal of voter registrations, and why the hell does someone NOT working for the polling place get any right to determine if the voter is valid or not?
  4. That dumb person – and you know who you are – that actually thought that she should vote for Bush because ‘she liked Laura Bush better than Teresa Heinz Kerry’. WHAT?!?!? Since when are we voting for First Ladies?
  5. Sure, Kerry wasn’t going to be the best guy for the White House, but he was a hell of site better than the dumbass we have managed to elect again. And the reasons that people are giving for voting for him are ludicrous – his morality?

C’mon, this is the guy who has been the face of an administration that has lied so much if he were Pinocchio, E.T. would be getting a prostate exam at home. Granted, we won’t be catching him doodling the interns, but that’s because he would have to get out of bed with the oil industry, the polluters and the big coporations – and we know how they are.

He’s brought corporate corruption up to an art form, and now we’re going to have to see it continue. How many more former lobbyists are left to hire into cabinet positions? What’s next – Kenneth Lay to head the SEC? Perhaps we can have a “Top Destroyer of the Environment” award that earns the number 1 polluter a chance to be Deputy Secretary of the Interior for a week.

I have angina over this – I’m not sure how bad it is going to be, I just know that it’s going to be bad. Here’s what I see coming:
1) Oil Drilling Disneyland » Expect whole-scale drilling in ALL of our national parks. They’re open for business, Exxon. Oh, and that air you breathe and water you drink – you don’t mind a bit more chemicals, do you, three-eyes?
2) Woe to Roe » It won’t happen immediately, but the moment on of the less conservative Supreme Court Judges leaves, kiss your right to your body goodbye.
3) Ewww, you’re gay….» I’ve always thought this hub-bub over the gay marriage was a bit ridiculous, but I also thought it was a STATE issue. If you want to ban ‘marriage’ between gays, at least give them the rights under another name. However, I foresee a strong possibility of the first Constitutional Amendment that removes rights instead of adds them. Oh wait, the second. The other was prohibition. How did that work out?
4) Stupid Americans » We’re going to go from “We like Americans, we just hate your goverment” to “You Americans are morons. A pox on thee – oh, and can you hold this bomb?”
5) Draft? We don’t need a draft – you just can’t leave » Mark my words – there won’t be a draft. We’ll just have a bunch of unhonored contracts and forced re-enlistments of the military. Unless, of course, those tactics eventually disenchant those new recruits so much that we have no choice. After all, there are at least a half-dozen other countries with oil…
6) Enron was a test » Kenneth Lay was an amateur. You want to see REAL abuse of the system, wait for Dubya II: The Stealquel. Jobs will disappear, products will still be crap, but there will be another 1,000 millionaires ready to line up behind Bush (for quick bend-over and accept my thanks moments).
7) Boom. » I hate to say it, but I think Bush’s tactics are going to lead to another significant attack. Hell, he can’t keep the borders controlled in the state he lives in half the year – how is he going to protect us?

That’s it. I can’t take it any more. If you need me, I’ll be in Vancouver.


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