On A Lighter Note

I’m both looking forward to and dreading tonight’s debates. While I think that Kerry would tear Mr. Bush a new one in a truly open debate, the number of restrictions and ridiculous rules that they have in place is going to make this nearly useless. Kerry will be doing a dissertation in 10 parts, while Bush will be reading the back of a cereal box with his stand-pat-no-matter-how-dumb-he-sounds answers. The TWO parties will be controlling nearly everything about this – I even wonder if they know the questions beforehand, and have listed which ones they will answer. And where are the other parties? Even if he is a whack-job, why isn’t Nader there to at least ask the tough questions … oh wait, that’s right.

Candidates aren’t allowed to direct questions directly to each other!.

How stupid is that?Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised by this debate, but I’m sadly expecting a set of rhetoric and useless drivel from both sides. Is it impossible to dream that a REAL debate may happen this year?

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