Wednesday Already

Man, this week is flying by. With the papers signed for the home equity (only small issues there), a load is off. Not that this was that big a deal in theory, but the execution was simply ridiculous. But it’s done. And we were able to have a relaxing weekend – including watching the Lions win against that football juggernaut, University of Central Florida.

The performance:
Passing: Zack Mills still struggled with his accuracy – C
Rushing: A good performance overall, but I’m not seeing the ability to make their own holes. Did well fighting against tackles – B+
Receiving: Too many dropped passes. Someone needs to start throwing them babies to teach them the value of actually catching what gets thrown to you – C
Kicking: For the most part good, although the horrid 1st punt was embarrassing – B-
Special Teams: Played well – B
Defense: Looked good again, and Dan Connor and Paul Posluszny looked like they could become the next big thing at Linebacker U. – A-

Finally got to go hiking and birding again this weekend – and took the rascal with us. He did well at Tinicum, walking a whole 2+ miles himself. He seemed to like the birds, but not the stopping part. As for the park itself, the summer floods did quite a job on the path, ripping out entire portions of it. Hopefully they can get the funding to fix it all this winter. As for the birds, got to see a Greater Yellowlegs, an osprey, a Caspian tern and a multitude of cormorants, blue herons and gulls. But it was nice to get out again.

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