Lions impressive vs. Akron

Well, Penn State passed its first test for the season – they beat up on Akron 48-10. I have to say that they looked very good, although the defense started out a little shaky versus the run. They solidified and made a good game of it. The offense seemed to gel for the first time in over a season – a nice change of pace from what I had gotten used to (unfortunately). It gives me hope that they might do fairly well this season.


  • Passing: B+ &#187 Some overthrown passes but mostly very good. Mike and Zack looked MUCH better.
  • Rushing: A &#187 Tony Hunt really impressed me, although Austin Scott looks good, too.
  • Receiving: B &#187 Last year’s plague of dropped passes was nowhere to be seen. All new starters and they looked good.
  • Kicking: C &#187 A missed kick and nothing special on kick-offs, but not bad.
  • Defense: B &#187 Anwar Phillips had an impressive day with 2 interceptions. But I’d like to see him keep it up. I was not so happy about the lack of penetration into the backfield by the D-line.

If you still haven’t seen the boxscore, check it out here


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