PSU Football is Back!

Penn State Nittany Lions logo

Next Saturday, the season begins again, with all of the hopes and expectations one goes into with the Nittany Lions. They’ve lost some key players and they’ve gained some interesting prospects. I’m resolved that this isn’t going to be a great season, but I’m hoping for 7-4. Who knows – maybe I’ll even be right.But at least we should be able to beat Akron September 4 at 3:30p.m. Anyone up for some beers and football? If you are heading up to the game, be sure to check out True Blue PSU first.

With the Phillies a god-awful team right now (what’s the ERA for the pitching staff in August – about 9.5? That’s a richter scale not an ERA for chrissakes), I’m waiting for the real sports to begin: college football, hockey and pro football. Bring on the fantasy leagues!


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