Life is Hell

Well, First Mutual has managed to not only screw up my home equity loan, but my vacation and relations between my wife, my parents and my brother-in-law. Two weeks ago, I was SO looking forward to this vacation. Two days ago, I was frantic that I was going to be late to it. Now, I’m not even going. You know, sometimes you gotta wonder if blowing things up isn’t a bad idea…

update 8/26 when it rains, it frickin’ blows. Here we are, however many days later, and they STILL haven’t figured out what they are doing. Turns out the quitclaim was invalid – but it took them THREE days to figure that out and let me know. Cara and Dad, if you see this, thanks SO MUCH for helping me with this. I can’t wait to thrash First Mutual when I have the chance.

My vacation’s ruined, my family is all pissed off at me, and I have an ulcer. On the bright side, at least I’m not in Iraq..


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